Blood, sweat, and tears.


In 1999 transition skating was at its worst time ever, it was dead. No pools, no skate parks, no ramps. 100% street skating. Ben Schroeder one of the best bowl riders ever couldn't even get a board. He contacted Eddie for a deck that's when Eddie realized that he needed to keep history going for the old school pros. That is when the Eddie made the first batch of boards introducing Dagger Skates. Eddie took them to the skate shops everywhere and they said "we can't sell these boards, nobody skates big boards anymore" they only skate popsicles. How the times have changed and bowl riding is bigger than ever. Thank you Eddie for doing your part keeping bowl riding alive!

Grosso Forever

History in the making.

Dagger Bowl Massacre

We held our first annual Dagger Bowl Massacre in Huntington Beach California. Live bands, Andy Roy announcing, and the crowd was the judge of the event. The louder you cheered for the skaters were the ones who won. If you missed it, it was a great event and one not to miss. Due to the RONA we were unable to have one in 2020, but now that the virus is slowing we are planning on having another event in early summer. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for important updates on the next Bowl Massacre!