First and foremost we would like to thank Fake Smile Skate @fakesmile_sk8 for throwing one of the best events of the year! If you weren't at REDLANDS SKATEPARK yesterday then you really missed out on a serious skateboarding banger of a day, maybe for the year for that matter!

First off Andy Roy was on the mic being his comical self tossing wise cracks at everyone and cheering on everyone to land their tricks. We can't thank Andy enough for his constant humor and his passion for skateboarding. Also, Legendary Eddie Reategui was there to support the skate event. Get these two guys together and we have a real party on our hands. Eddie was signing autographs and giving pointers to the skaters on how to pull of certain tricks. Kudos to you Eddie!

There were also had some serious vending going down in the park. Slangin all kinds of goodies for the crowd to enjoy. From Karma Grip, Shoveit Tacos, and many many more. The vendors did an excellent job and were very helpful to everyone. Thank you guys for doing what you do!


It's super rad when the skate family gets together like this. It forms a bond that just can't be replaced by anything in this world. The skateboard community is growing, growing fast and strong! This bond will never break and will continue for generations to come. We're stoked to see everyone having a good time and pushing the sport further and further.

Now on to some sick action that took place!

Shaun Ross was absolutely ruling the bowl. Shaun is always a great addition to any skate event and brings the shred wherever he goes. Here Shaun is doing a super sick lay back grind. Always good to see our DAGGER FAMILY at the events ripping! Keep killing it Shaun! DAGGERS FOR LIFE!

DAGGER TEAM RIDER Isaiah Moore @rachivist93 was on the shredding block and absolutely slayed it! He took first place and won the $600 tattoo best trick on quarter pipe. Isaiah is always fun to watch. You are guaranteed some SICK skating and action when he hits the pavement. Congratulations Isaiah! You crushed it yesterday.

Also, James Azpeitia another DAGGER TEAM RIDER took first place in 14 & up Bowl contest. James always brings the heat to every event he enters. I'm sure we will continue to see RAD progression from him. Keep ripping James the sky's the limit!

Omar Varela @trebussinn killed it on best trick on the flat bar. Sponsored by SF Bar Co. Omar got to keep the rail too. Keep shredding bro!


Also placing in other events but not photographed were.

Aiden Lira @playboiiaid 13 & under Bowl contest $100 cash winner.

Mario Macias , @gloryboymario 10yrs old won best trick off the kicker sponsored by Keen Ramps. Got to keep the kicker

Colt won best trick down the rail, $200 cash prize winner.
Victor Nureldeen @Courtesyy_ , won 1st place $200 on best trick down the 7 stair

 All photos here were shot by Dave Weems.

Thank you to all the sponsors for making this event possible. Until we shred again! Which will be really soon... DAGGERS FOR LIFE!!!

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