Pauline Branom, Ferguson Skatepark 2022

What’s good Daggers, we’re growing, and we’re growing strong,
before we start, a quick thank you for your support, from the peeps around the world who stenciled Daggers on their gear, to the companies that hired Eddie to design, and build ramps across the decades, you have kept the Dagger spirit going!

Being a Dagger stands for something, overcoming obstacles through comradery, having a toughness, and tenacity that doesn’t give up, helping each-other get better by skating side by side, and blasting overhead airs with a laugh, we’re Daggers, we keep ripping, no matter what.


Around the world people have already started their own Dagger Chapters, and we’ve been asked what that looks like, first off we say, “ALRIGHT!” 👊, to skaters that hang together, and represent as Daggers.

Greyson Fletcher Deck Release Venice CA 2022 From left to right:
Evan Chun, Madonna Ray, Alex Barela, Eddie Reategui,
James Azpeitia, Max Barela, Cody Class

Secondly, we will be posting The DAGGER CHARTER with guidelines as to what it takes to become an official Dagger Chapter, the first, and probably most important Charter Statement is posted here:

Dagger Code 1: There is not, nor shall there ever be, a single person, group of people, or central agency representing Dagger Chapters that can demand any kind of monetary, or other types of compensation for Chapters to exist, or new Dagger Members to join, or remain as part of the Dagger Collective, nor can any Dagger Chapter ever demand any kind of monetary, or other types of compensation from it's Dagger Members to join, or remain in their Chapter.

Money jacks everything up, so forget money when it comes to being a Dagger. The full Charter will be released within the next couple months, and one of our goals is to print Chapter shirts for each area, unfortunately, they will cost money.

Isaiah Moore "Rachi" Redlands 2022

As we're building our team, we're featuring one, or two team riders for the first few Volumes, our first featured rider is Isaiah D Moore a.k.a. Rachi

Instagram - @rachivist93
Home Skatepark: 1st Street Corona, California.
Favorite Skater: The one, and only Jay Boy Adams.
Favorite Band / Song:
Sick Sense- Don't Stop To The Punk Rock
Slayer - Black Magic

I recently met Rachi at the Ferguson event in August 2022, and in a full arm cast, he somehow carried a deck that he collects signatures on, the Dagger Trophy (it's solid steel, and made out of chains), and a tall boy in a way that didn’t look awkward. Super cool guy, even with the recent injury, he made sure to get there, and support the other riders, even takings runs in the bowl, sticking a fakie-blunt (without the trophy).

Rachi Wins Dagger Bowl Massacre 2019

Rachi explained where he got each of the signatures he had on the deck, each one meant a lot to him. I asked him to tell me a little about himself, and this is what he said, “I'd like to show the world my style of skateboarding, and to prove to myself, and to everybody that you can do anything by putting your heart, and soul into what you do.” Aside from skating, Rachi enjoys filming, editing videos, playing basketball, and though his softer side may include enjoying picnics, he is not soft on the competition, check out his wins:

Terror dome:
3x 3rd place 1x best trick


1x 1st place

Basic Bowl:

1x 3rd place 1x 1st place massacre champion 1x best trick

BYB Ramp:

2x 2nd place 1x 1st place 1x best trick

Redlands Thrash:

1x best trick


1x 1st place


1x best trick

Inkonsiderate Board Shop Contest:

1x 1st place

Moreno Valley:

2x 1st place 1x Best trick

Archibald Crown Contest:

1x 1st place 1x best trick


1x best trick

Hunt Park:

1x best trick

 In 1999 Ed Reategui began an underground culture of skateboarding stemming from his multiple adventures as a youth, both on the set of Thrashin', and ripping with Christian Hosoi, Tony Alva, Steve Caballero, Jesse Martinez, Lance Mountain, and the rest of the on-set original Dagger crew. He pressed boards, created skate parks across 5 continents, keeping the stoke alive, and now his vision is realized through our community.

Our next article will feature Joseph Jenkins, and Cody Class. Yew!


About the author:
Clint Allisone lives in Los Angeles and a total bro!

Photos by:
Dave Weems



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