What’s good, Daggers?

We are on with our second Newsletter, featuring two of our local team riders, and news on the Dagger Charter, and Dagger Chapters. We’ve opened up a Chapter 7 in Perth, Australia, it’s organizer is Steve insta: @poison_swamp if you’re in Perth, and want info on joining. Word to our Dagger Fam in Czech Republic, and in Brazil, you were the first to reach out about the Dagger Chapters, and we have set aside Dagger Chapter 4, and Dagger Chapter 5 for you!

Steve shared with us that their local shop Soggybones recently hosted Keg ‘n Can Bowl Jam, and let us in on some of the areas top skaters insta handles: @beyondskate @lividskatecafe @soggybones @momentumskateshop


Soggy Bones Keg ‘n Can Bowl Jam August 2022 Perth, Australia

Dagger Charter

Dagger Code 2: To start a chapter what is required is at least one organizer willing to provide some form of social media contact representing a city, or region anywhere in the world, a blurb about your area, and submission of photos from home skate park, pool, street, or ramp demonstrating the camaraderie of the local crew that Dagger Skateboards can document, and legally post.


Meet: Joseph Jenkins Insta - @jenkinsjoseph_94

Joseph was born in Fairfield California, lives in Bakersfield California, and his personal motto is 100% skateboarder, and besides skateboarding he enjoys basketball with friends.

Favorite Band/Song Sacred Souls/Can I Call You Rose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKJhzL16woE

And his aspirations are keep pushing, like his favorite skater Devine Calloway.

 Joseph Jenkins Ferguson Skatepark August 2022

Meet: Cody Class Insta - @mrramen_skate

Local park Ferguson Skate Park in Rialto, California.

“My motto is to never be afraid to try new things, live life for yourself, and don’t care about what other people think. When I am not skateboarding, you will find me surfing, Go Kart racing, or playing baseball with my friends. One of my favorite skaters is Tristan Rennie. What I admire most about Tristan is his buttery style. He also started skating in the Badlands like me.”

“One thing I’ve realized is contests are not my thing. It adds too much pressure and takes away from the true stoke of skateboarding. Accomplishments so far in skateboarding was 2nd place overall in 2021 CASL in Park. I hope to continue my skate career, and become a professional one day.”

 Cody Class Prince Park August 2022

Thank you readers, for supporting the newsletter, and please let us know if you’d like to start a Chapter in your area, our next article will have Dagger Charter Code 3, and feature James Azpeitia.


Article by Clint Allisone
Photos By Dave Weems

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